Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anti-Trans Bill SB 723 Is DEAD!

The peeps living along I-5, I-95 and I-495 didn't think we trans Texans could do it.   Our right wing opponents didn't think we were organized enough or had the ability to stop them from bumrushing a bad anti-trans bill through the GOP dominated Texas legislature.

But we believed we could do it, rolled up our sleeves and got to work killing that unjust bill   

It gives me great pleasure to announce that anti SB 723 is officially dead for the 82nd Texas legislative session.   Time and place of death was at midnight in Austin, Texas in the Senate chambers.

Exhale trans Texas and break out the adult beverages.   Rest up and savor this win.   On Monday we thank all the Texas Democrats for hanging together, standing tall for their trans constituents and helping us kill that unjust bill.

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