Thursday, May 26, 2011

Texans Pass A 'What Would You Do' Test

There have been more than a few times either in the liberal progressive blogosphere or in various TransGriot blogposts I've had to remind people to chill with their anti-Texas hateraid

While some of our politicians here are straight up buttholes and haters, there are also some good politicians and good people here as well.

Oh yeah, need to remind you my hometown has a lesbian mayor who is unopposed (so far) for reelection.

There was a recent episode of the ABC-TV show called What Would You Do in which they set up a situation in a Farmers Branch, TX restaurant in which a gay couple with kids were being hounded by a waitress.

The What Would You Do crew wanted to see how the restaurant patrons would react at seeing the blatant bigotry.

Farmers Branch is a conservative leaning suburb in the Dallas area.    Before you start cursing Texas under your breath, you may wish to watch the video.  The results of this What Would You Do episode will probably surprise you.

It drives home my point that we TBLG peeps who are from and love our so-called red home states like Texas need to be willing to stand up for what we believe in.    We need to fight to make our states reflect our values as well.

Yes, we know the politicians can be inflexible.  We're aware we have much work to do to accomplish that and we will have far more disappointing setbacks.  We have to fight tooth and nail to not only get our rights, but even harder to avoid any slippage.    But when we win, the victory is even sweeter.

But when we fight, are out and proud about who we are and openly living our lives, we can and do change hearts and minds.   And as this video demonstrates, we may not have as much work ahead of us in that hearts and minds changing department as you non-Texans think we do.

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