Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SB 723 Update 11-On Life Support

Let's get right to the latest news concerning SB 723.   

The Senate is cranking up for business at 11 AM CDT and our least favorite unjust bill is not on the Senate intent calendar for today.   It's still on the regular order of business calendar where it was 45th in line as of yesterday.

Pat yourself on the back for being close to making happen what many people on I-5, I-95 and inside I-495 think is impossible for the trans community:  stopping an anti trans bill in a GOP controlled red state legislature.

Y'all don't know us trans Texans do you? 

The clock is inexorably ticking toward the bill's demise, but we can't get happy yet.   Never underestimate the determination of oppressors who wish to screw you.   It must pass the Senate by May 20, so keep the pressure on. 

Let the Democratic senators know the eyes of trans Texans and the national trans community are still on them.


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