Friday, May 27, 2011

DSM-5 Comment Period Until June 15

While the jury is still in deliberation as to whether the removal of transpeople from the DSM-5 manual will benefit or have unintended consequences for the entire trans community,  the APA is taking comments until June 15 on its revisions to the DSM- 5 manual.

The one of concern is the U 06 Transvestic Disorder one.

Dr. Kelley Winters has been pushing this issue along with other trans people and I'll post a link to a GID Reform Advocates blogpost of hers that makes the case.  

If you feel strongly about this issue, you can also sign up on their website and make comments on this issue using Kelly's arguments as talking points for it.

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HHB said...

Please take care to craft your comments to reflect well on yourself and the community.

If they can these enemies will cite what you write in a context of "These transgender people are all hostile lunatics, for example they wrote [...] ". Please deny them that opportunity.

On the other hand comments are highly desired, both in quantity and quality (e.g. on behalf of an organization rather than an individual).