Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nikki Araguz Update 22-Headed To Court Again

In my latest Nikki Araguz update, the May 13 court date I reported in the last one got reset..

Had a chance to talk to her recently.   She has her good and bad days because she still misses her late hubby and the kids.   Nikki's feisty fighting spirit and determination to win this case is still there and she's getting ready for her upcoming May 20 court date.

She is definitely cognizant of the fact this case is not just about her,  so say a few prayers for her from time to time.   The awareness that your legal case could determine the civil rights of an entire marginalized class of people not only in Texas but around the world can be a heavy burden at times.   

She's been a busy lady in the interim in terms of making an emotional trip to Austin to see the fallen firefighters memorial on the Texas State Capitol grounds that has her late husband's name inscribed on it.   She also took some time to lobby against SB 723 that is an attempt to ensconce the 1999 Littleton case  into Texas law books.

She and her legal team will make the trip down the Southwest Freeway to Wharton on Friday and face another round of legal jousting in the ongoing Delgado v Araguz case.  

Let's hope that Nikki not only emerges triumphant, but it's a doubleplusgood day in terms of the death of the anti-trans SB 723 as well..

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