Monday, May 23, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 14-Two For One Hatin On Nikki

Time for the USS Monica to cruise the cyberseas and prepare the troll nukes to drop 50 megatons of knowledge on some poor deluded soul who surfed over here thinking their not so malodorous bull feces wasn't going to be challenged.

Y'all don't know me very well do you?

Okay, today's first contestant in the Dissing Is Right is someone called Vicky.     She tried to post this on my last Nikki update.

iit seems to me that she didnt miss him all tat much she has a new boy toy. For a woman/ man or "it" to say she loves her ex-hubby's sure could of fold me che wouldnt put them throug this. same sex marrige is NOT a marrige not a legal. I hope she gets nothing that what she gets for puting those poor boys throug just let the remember their father like he hero he is not some clown case because she wanted to play dress up all his life.

5...4..3...2..1 launch

First up, Vicky    Buy a dictionary or better yet, use spell check more frequently.   Your ignorance is showing. 

I was with Nikki the day she found out they were adding Thomas' name to the Fallen Texas Firefighters Memorial on the state capitol grounds in Austin and she wasn't advised of or invited to the ceremony.   She was a mix of alternating emotions for most of that day.   Hurt, sad, wistful, and at times a not so happy camper about being dissed  

She's an attractive woman.  Why wouldn't she have men chasing her?   You jealous because you ain't getting any action? 
Um 'girlfriend',  why don't you take some remedial English classes?    Had a hard time trying to comprehend exactly who you were talking about in your second sentence.   As for the legality of her marriage, you're not a state district judge like Judge Randy M. Clapp or an attorney, so your Fox News flavored opinion doesn't count.

BTW, contrary to what Fox Noise is spewing at you, it is Simona Longoria and Heather Delgado the grandmother and mother of the children in question who filed this money grubbing lawsuit, not Nikki.    They are going after the money Thomas left Nikki.   The kids already have their benefits.

Had Simona and Heather not made their reprehensible money grab, the only way we'd be remembering  Thomas is as the heroic firefighter and loving husband he was.  
Miss Thang, you upset because Nikki is a better looking woman than you probably are?   You taking the time out of your not so busy day writing this comment to trash Nikki tells me everything I need to know about how secure you are in your femininity.

Duck and cover when the troll nuke arrives rhymes with snitch.

And since I stuck a MIRV on the troll nuke Tomahawk  today, this is some letter Nikki received from a self proclaimed Wharton, TX resident that she shared with us in a FB note.

I want to have some fun irradiating this one as well.

And now, making a guest appearance at TransGriot, here's Nikki...

Just received this nice note from a clearly delusional Wharton resident....

Latisha Humphres May 23 at 12:06pm Report
look have so much to say to u but first off i must say u are a ler u never meet thomas at church i did no one knew u was a man u never told me and all u are dong is for the money and its sickning u never told us u had hiv eaither witch is sick u spread that around like candy... u are someone that loves fame and money and u are getting this over my mans death the pic of u at his grave s fakejust like u .... i must tell u what comes around goes around and keep ur nasty ass away from everyone u infested ass man/female..... go to hell to and if u have a problem i been wanting to kck ur ass for many years now so buck at me and keep talking shit to me or about me thats fine im a real female and i dont lie to people nor do i hae sex w someone knowing what u do ... lata slut p.s love ur fame bc its all a game and it wll cetch up to u so appeal whatever u want u aint mssing him u want his money u money hungry slut

Thanks Nikki, I'll take it from here.  (TransGriot grins and cracks knuckles)  5...4...3...2...1. 

I know the Wharton ISD teachers did a better job of teaching you how to read, think and write than you have exhibited in this letter to Nikki.    Your science skills are deficient as well.

How do you know Nikki didn't meet Thomas at church?  Were you a member?   Are you Heather Delgado sucking your teeth and posting under a fake name?

Presuming you're really Heather Delgado (since you let the my man's death comment slip)  if you hadn't made the money grabbing lawsuit the world wouldn't know who Nikki was.  You and Simona created the conditions that resulted in making Nikki famous.

What goes around does come around Latisha, er Heather.    You'll find that out soon enough.   Your hatin' has potentially set forces in motion that could frack with the civil rights of every trans person not only in Texas, but across the planet simply because of your greed and your hatred of Nikki..  Pathetic.

Speaking of money hungry, look in the mirror.   And one other need Jesus.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nukes go off.

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