Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Trans Sisters Are Beautiful Black Women, Too

I've noted several blogs across the Afrosphere that have responded to Kanazawa's bigotry masquerading as pseudo science by posting pictures of beautiful Black women.   So since I talk about African descended transpeople and posted some pics to make that point a while back, thought I'd do my part to whack two falsehoods at the same time by posting some more photos of my beautiful Black trans sisters.    

 Isis King

Janet Mock

Laverne Cox

Stasha Sanchez

Tona Brown
Cydne Kimbrough

Stacey Blahnik Lee

Tracy Africa Norman

Audrey Mbugua

Angelica Ross

Domanique Shappelle

TransGriot Note: The picture gracing the top of this post is Carole Small.   She was quoted in a 1967 JET magazine article on the eve of her SRS as stating  '"Black women in America are the luckiest on the face of the earth and it will be marvelous to be one."   

While I might quibble about the 'lucky' part, she was right about the its marvelous to be one.

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