Sunday, May 22, 2011

Problematic WAPO Wanda Alston House Story

Had a friend point me to a link to a Washington Post story about the Wanda Alston House, a transitional Northeast DC residence for homeless TBLG youth.

While the story about the home was mostly well done, there was a problematic photo posted of one of residents of the center, Sarah Feliciano. 

While reviewing the commentary for it I discovered another problematic point.   If she tells you Sarah is her legal name, it wasn't necessary to reveal what her old male name while doing this piece in the first place. .

Then it's followed up by showing a picture of Sarah shaving?

Okay, we already know Sarah's in the early stages of her transition and until the hormones start morphing her body and she gets electrolysis done, she'll be dealing with that until it's gone.      

But there were other pictures that could have been chosen for that instead of the shaving photo.

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