Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post Number 4000

Another day another milestone here at TransGriot.

Seems like I just passed the 3000 post milestone, then 3500, and now you're looking at post number 4000.

Have been cranking them out this year, but then again there has been a lot to talk about and a lot of news inside and outside the community to cover.   I also thank you TransGriot readers for continuing to bless me by surfing on over to visit my cyberhome on a regular basis for the last five years.

I can crank out quality posts with no problem, but it's a waste of time if no one reads those posts.    Thanks for spending your valuable web surfing time here.

Now on to milestone posts number 4500 and 5000!.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Celebrate your 4000th post by joining myself and Frau Heinz in a revolutionary WAR against the neonatriarchy, an oppressive systematic war against grownups and radgrowns (radical grownups who are REAL grownups, unlike fungrowns!!) Babies are a threat to our well being... join me Ms. Roberts in the fight against misgrownupy!

- Conductor Dewey