Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again

This sounds so 2003.

Gay, Inc organization caught by trans community engaged in back room dealing concerning legislation purported to help trans community.  

Predominately white privileged trans community sellouts working with Gay, Inc org try to defuse anger in trans community about deception and spin resulting piss poor legislation as 'best deal trans community can get'

Grassroots trans people led by POC trans activists form multicultural organization and working partnership that with national help successfully thwarts unjust bill Gay, Inc organization and assembled quislings wanted to ram through to passage.     

In the aftermath, Gay Inc organization undergoes leadership shakeup and doesn't want to work with already existing multicultural grassroots trans rights organization.    New instant trans rights organization forms with same predominately white privileged transpeople with ties to Gay, Inc org and rumored large financial contributions to facilitate startup.

If that scenario sounds familiar to you long time trans peeps, that's because it is the old NTAC-NCTE one from the early 2K's.

History repeated itself as the newly formed group Gender Rights Maryland announced their formation chock full of the cast of loud and wrong vanilla flavored privileged characters from the losing side of the HB 235 battle.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the newly formed group Gender Rights Maryland announced that former eye surgeon and nationally recognized transgender rights advocate Dana Beyer will serve as the group’s executive director.
Sharon Brackett, president and CEO of a Maryland-based systems engineering company, will serve as chair of the group’s board, a statement released by the group said.
Three other founding board members include Donna Cartwright, co-president of Pride AT Work, an LGBT group within the AFL-CIO; Caroline Temmermand, division chief for Parks and National Resources for Arlington County, Va.; and Alex Hickcox, former board member of Equality Maryland.
"The purpose of Gender Rights Maryland is to promote civil rights, education, tolerance, equality and acceptance on the basis of sex and gender identity/expression in the State of Maryland,” the group said in its statement. “Gender Rights Maryland’s initial legislative goal is to see the passage of a comprehensive gender identity anti-discrimination bill by the end of the 2012 legislative session.”

Beyer told the Blade that the new group plans to work closely with Equality Maryland, which led efforts to push for the gender identity bill this year and in past years.
Yeah right,  tell us something we, the folks at TransMaryland and Trans United didn't know.already.    

Every age has circumstances where it is necessary for people of untested character to pick up the torch that illuminates human dignity. Such a time is upon us and the greatness of these people will be revealed to the world - and to themselves. - Caroline Temmersand

Oh, your character at GRMD has been tested, alright.   You and your vanilla privilege wielding friends were openly working to sell out other transpeople in Maryland for your own comfort and security by pimping a flawed trans rights bill with stripped out public accommodations language in it.

Excuse me if I'm extremely skeptical of GRMD's character, much less your ability to accomplish what you are setting out to do in 2012.   I have your past history and NCTE's track record of failure to go on.

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