Saturday, May 14, 2011

Common Fox Race Baiting

Poor Republifools and Fox Noise.     They have spent two and a half years trying to paint the POTUS and FLOTUS as un-American militant Black radicals and failed miserably at it     The Prez just keeps doing his job cleaning up the mess Bushie boy left behind as the clock ticks inexorably toward the November 2012 elections. 

Now that President Obama has accomplished something their dimwitted boy failed to do in getting Osama Bin Laden, they ratched up the hate.

By attacking Common?

Yeah, Common, one of the more thoughtful non controversial people in the rap game today, and star of the movie Just Wright with Queen Latifah.

Because he's from Chicago and attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church, the racist smearmongers at Fox Noise thought they could lie and bamboozle their way into creating another scandal because he was invited to participate at a White House poetry reading.

They were probably mad because they didn't get an invite like poets Rita Dove, Jill Scott, Billy Collins, Kenneth Goldsmith, Alison Knowles and Aimee Mann did.

But seriously, trying to paint Common a gangsta rapper is like, and I'm borrowing the words of Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, is like "trying to call Elizabeth Taylor a porn star."  

It does not compute for those us in the reality based world.

This is just another example of why I hate the racist conservafool movement and its Fox Noise propaganda arm with a passion.

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