Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why You Hatin' On Black Women?

Because the beauty standard elevates white women as the standard bearers of beauty and has for the last four centuries slapped 'unwoman' status on African American women.

Black women are beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of it.

And yeah, if you haven't noticed, Black transwomen get that 'unwoman' shade hurled at them as well.  It's one of the things we have in common with our African descended cis sisters.

So tell me again, why do you hate on Black women?   It it because you have to spend thousands of plastic surgery dollars and eons in tanning booth to get what she's naturally born with?    Is it because you're in denial that the African descended woman is the mother of humankind? 

Is it because the Black woman is gorgeous?   Men of all ethnicities have desired her fine brown frame for centuries, fought wars (BTW, Cleopatra didn't look like Liz Taylor) and composed music and poems to win her affections.   Whether she is light bright and damn near white to deepest darkest ebony, whether her hair is bone straight, natural, curly, ultrashort or weaved to her curvaceous butt, the Black woman will turn heads and make the men all pause.    

Is it because she is resourceful?    Black women have done it all from free our people from slavery to run corporations and nations.   They can make a way out of no fracking way and started organizations that have uplifted Black women and our people at the same time. 

Is it because she is talented?    Do I even have to go there?   Whether it's the arts, literature, the stage, screen, dance, music or whatever athletic or academic endeavor she chooses to participate in, she will do her award winning best and look good doing so..

Is it because she's intelligent?   Yep.   Some of our people's thought leaders are sisters such as Melissa Harris Perry, Dr. Julia Hare, the late congresswomen Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan, and our First Lady Michelle Obama .  

Is that why you hate on Black women?    Probably so.

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