Friday, May 20, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 13-Lambasting A Libertarian

After giving the USS Monica's crew liberty call, time to cruise the cyberseas once again and drop 20 megatons of knowledge.

Clairese responded to my Shut Up Fool! award post last week blasting Sen Rand Paul (R-KY) for his ludicrous universal health care = slavery comment.

Rand Paul is THE strongest advocate for transgendered rights in the Senate. You may not agree with his figure of speech, as related to health care, but he is our best ally for the restoration and enhancement of our liberty.

While a few folks favor handing more power to government in the form of new mandates, laws about our personal relationships and daily conduct, those people do not understand that once government is given such power, it rarely relinquishes that power; only consolidates and strengthens its dominance over our citizens.

I do not support the, so-called, Obama-care plan. I too disagree with Senator Paul. I believe that a National Health service is the right approach, so that government power would be clearly defined and a patient advocate system would be established to guard against waste, fraud and abuse.

Having an NHS would lift a terrible burden from our citizens and business owners, leaving us free to focus on production and just living our lives in peace.

I see the "single payer system as a very libertarian idea, becasue of the freedom that system will restore, not as an elimination of medical choice. Our American system could still provide plenty of choice and flexibility. It needn't be modeled after Canada or Britain, but like our military, would be the very best in the world. 

(TransGriot laughing my butt off)     Now that I've recovered from laughing at your premise, time to blow it up. 

In what alternate universe is Rand Paul 'our strongest advocate' for trans civil rights?   Don't even try to sell those woof tickets here.   No Republican in the 2K10's, much less a Tea Klux Klan member is a strong advocate for civil rights of any kind, much less trans rights.

I lived in Kentucky and know what an ass Rand Paul is.   I can't stand him because like his daddy Ron, he is no fan of Civil Rights.


And speaking of idiocy, how in Hades is universal healthcare comparable to slavery?   Only in Rand Paul's mind would he say something that idiotic.

You libertarians fail to understand that members of a marginalized groups prefer strong federal governments to guard against the tyranny of the majority.    We African Americans are acutely aware of the fact that at various times in our country's history we have required the assistance of the federal government to protect and expand our civil rights and in some cases keep them from being rolled back..

I prefer a strong federal government.   I also know that there are things the federal government can do more efficiently such as universal heath care that private industry can't and has failed to do.

I don't like the Obama health plan because I don't think it goes far enough.   It's NOT the universal single payer health care we need.   But it's a start and it's better than the greed is good system that we have.

I'd rather model a health care plan on the best in the world, which ain't ours.   When 44 million people are uninsured or can't go to the doctor except in emergency cases, that's a problem     If you don't have a healthy citizenry, that affects US competitiveness and our national security.   When our life expectancies in the US  are dropping vis a vis other industrialized nations, our health care is NOT the best in the world.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke goes off.

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