Monday, May 16, 2011

Katey Red On Treme

I've been getting hooked on HBO's drama Treme, which is set in post Katrina New Orleans.

Season 2 action is set ten months after Hurricane Katrina blew through town and has been pretty interesting in terms of following the various characters in the series in addition to associating them with the real life people woven into the story.

This week's episode is entitled 'Does Santa Claus Get the Blues?' and in addition to seeing Christmas post Katrina New Orleans style, one of the real life people that was woven into this episode was sissy bounce rapper Katey Red.

I understand she appeared in a Season one episode and was just following along with the action when I saw the recording studio scene and an artist texting on her cell phone in it as the producers are imploring her to start rapping.

As they panned in had an OMG moment when I realized it was her.

See, told y'all we Black transwomen can do anything we set our minds to. 

Hmm...definitely staying tuned to Treme.

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