Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Day, Another WWBT Pimp Slapping

It seems I've plucked some transsexual separatist nerves by calling them the Transsexual Taliban or my longtime sobriquet I've aimed at them, the WWBT's

It stands for White Women Born Transsexual for those of you who haven't heard the WBT/HBS girls referred to in that way.  It's also a reaction to the Transsexual Taliban denigrating and disrespecting pre-op and non-op transwomen.

It's also a result of transwomen like myself who aren't down with the HBS vanilla flavored exclusionary BS getting fed up with their verbal attacks.

If you're simply women now, then go play on the freeway or the third rail of a subway track and leave us transpeeps the hell alone.    Better yet, why don't y'all roll up to Hart, Michigan and see if your radical lesbian femninst buddies will let you peeps on The Land for this years MichFest?

Well girls, it's truth in advertising time.  I transitioned in 1994, and I don't see Black or Latina transwomen  engaged in intramural 'trans than thou' semantics wars in the transosphere.  That seems to be an activity repetitively engaged in by a small minority of white trans women..

White transwomen in WWBT/HBS world have repeatedly engaged in hurling insults and radical feminist dogma at other transpeople they don't like n order to either make themselves feel superior to non-op/pre-op ones, regain their lost privilege, pimp their SRS=transsexual agenda or all of the above.

It's reality check time for a moment.  Gender is between your ears, not your legs.    The genitalia=transsexual crap you nauseatingly spew is BS for starters and smacks of transphobia.

It's the same claptrap right wingers and radical lesbian feminists disrespectfully spit at us that you remixed.    It discounts or ignores the real life experiences of people that move from being identified as gay, or female illusionist or committed crossdresser to being trans.

News flash for you ubermenschen, in some cases those peeps are even have SRS once they see the trans light.

Surgery is supposed to be the icing on the cake for transpeople, not the main reason you transition.  I've seen it far too often in my nearly two decades in this community amongst non-POC transpeople that have the cash to do so.

They're in a hurry to get the body, but don't take the time in the RLT phase to realize that femininity is a lifelong constantly evolving process.   They don't clue in to the fact that the physical, mental and societal changes that a gender transition entails take time to adjust to.

Too many are far too obsessed about getting the money for surgery, booking that flight to Montreal, Phoenix, San Francisco or Bangkok, getting the snip and tuck done ASAP, and then get mad when somebody 'sirs' them    Hey, don't get mad at the pre-op/non-op girls because you're sitting at home on Friday night with a $10K neocoochie and the pre-op/non-op girls phones are blowing up in addition to being surrounded at the club when they sashay in with masculine company options.

You WWBT's don't get to be the arbiters of who is trans, shift the definition goalposts much less deny the lived experiences of other transwomen.    If you had cis female friends you'd also know the fundamental truth that womanhood is an evolutionary process.

So yeah, get mad all you want about the WWBT sobriquet.   Y'all started it, and the rest of us grown ups are sick and tired of you wannabe rad fems.   We're simply reacting to what you have done unto us and are bringing the pain.  

And to paraphrase former Senator Trent Lott, I enjoy feeding my opponents words back to them when appropriate.   

Bon appetit, girls.   Would you like some hateraid with those Hater tots?   

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