Friday, May 20, 2011

Nerve Wracking Day For Trans Texans

May 20 is going to be one of those days on the calendar in which trans Texans will be keeping the antacids and the adult beverages close by.their sides.  

Our eyes will be focused nervously on two locations today in the Lone Star State.  One of them will be our state capitol of Austin as we anxiously watch the clock starting at 11 AM CDT and see if the anti-trans SB 723 bill penned by transphobic Republican Sen. Tommy Williams of The Woodlands dies a deservedly painful death.

SB 723 is not on the senate intent calendar, it's 43rd in line as we start the legislative day and the clock's ticking.   If it doesn't get passed by midnight, it's dead.    Just to be on the safe side, keep calling, faxing and e-mailing those Texas Democratic senators and let 'em know the eyes of trans Texans (and our friends) are still upon them.

In addition to the clock watching we'll be doing in Austin, just 90 miles southwest of the TransGriot in Wharton, Nikki Araguz will enter the historic Wharton County Courthouse with her legal team and see if justice is served in her ongoing Delgado v Araguz case.

This case has the potential to affect not only trans Texans in terms of marriage and identity issues, but transpeople around the world.

We'll not only casting nervous glances in that direction, but hoping (and praying) that additional positive news comes out of that situation not only for Nikki but the trans community in general. 

And yes, the TransGriot will be keeping you loyal readers updated on the happenings in Austin and Wharton on this potentially historic day as soon as I find out.

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