Friday, May 20, 2011

SB 723 Update 13-One More Day

Well, Texas trans community and supporters, let's cut to the chase and get to what you wanted to know.

The Texas Senate cranks up for 'bidness' at 11:00 AM CDT and SB 723 is not on the intent calendar for today.   It is still on the general order of business calendar where it is now 41st in line to be considered and Sen. Tommy Williams has until midnight to get it voted on and out of the Senate and over to the Texas House.

Once it gets to the House, it must undergo first reading, be assigned to a committee, be voted successfully out of committee and undergo a vote on the House floor.

Oh yeah, did I forget to point out this process in the House needs to happen in one day?

And the clock is ticking

Keep the pressure on the Democratic senators.  Let them know the eyes of Trans Texans are still upon them and will be until this unjust bill dies.

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