Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who's Gonna Win NY-26?

When Congressman Christopher Lee (R-NY) got ensnared in his Craigslist scandal that forced him to resign this seat, little did we know at the time it would set up the first political test since the Paul Ryan Kill Medicare budget was rolled out by the Republifools.

NY 26 is a congressional district that has been in GOP hands since the Civil War  It has stayed in GOP hands despite various Democratic presidents taking New York State's electoral votes.  It was the late Jack Kemp's district.   It has a huge GOP registration advantage and lots of seniors.   .

But thanks to the Ryan budget, a Tea partier siphoning off votes, and a smart, competent Democratic candidate in Kathy Hochul who has hung that albatross of a budget around Jane Corwin's neck,  Hochul may have a shot at taking this district away from the Republicans.

They have been scrambling to find a way to spin their Kill Medicare budget now that they have been reminded once again why Medicare and Social Security are called the third rails of American politics.

The last poll that came out has Hochul up six points.   Will that lead hold up?   Will we be addressing her as 'Congresswoman Hochul' in a few hours?      

The polls open at 5 AM CDT my time.   We'll know in a few hours if she pulls it off.  

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