Friday, June 15, 2012

Yo, Canada! Wonderful Week For Canadian Transpeeps

Transpeople in the Great White North have had a wonderful week and I couldn't be happier for y'all peeps north of the 49th parallel.

First came the unexpected news that the province of Alberta, a bastion of Canadian style conservatism reinstated funding in their provincial health care plan for SRS

That was quickly followed up on Wednesday by the unanimous Third Reading vote in Ontario for Toby's Act.  That makes Ontario the first Canadian province to pass trans human rights coverage and the second large Canadian jurisdiction after the Northwest Territories to do so..   

There's also word that similar trans positive human rights legislation is pending in the Manitoba provincial legislature after the province's.human rights code is being expanded to cover trans people

I also can't forget to point out that C-279, the federal trans rights bill, passed a Second Reading vote by a 150-132 margin in a Conservative dominated House of Commons chamber on June 6 with support from some Conservative MP's..

Hoping the positive trans human rights momentum keeps going for y'all    We'll certainly be watching from south of the border what happens from this point forward.

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