Saturday, June 09, 2012

Shut Up Fool Awards-Moni's Delayed Netroots Nation Edition

Due to technical difficulties not of my own making, my usual Friday Shut Up Fool post was disrupted this week and I had to wait to post it on Saturday when I got back to Houston.

So without further ado, this week's Shut Up Fool Award is an easy one.  It goes to the Nashville, TN based Uniguest internet monitoring system that was installed at my Netroots Nation hotel's computer in Providence, Rhode Island.

I was unable to access TransGriot on the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown's computer after writing an initial post on it announcing my arrival in Providence at 6:26 AM EDT on June 6 with no problems or issues . 
My plan was to give you readers posts chronicling my thoughts as those days events unfolded and my take on the convention.  That plan went out the window because some Rad Fem Borg drone (or somebody else) had a problem with my post announcing that the Conway Hall venue that was supposed to host the July London rad fem conference was backing out due to concerns about violations of Britain's Equality Act and the hateful transphobic rhetoric coming from keynote speaker Sheila Jeffreys and company.

I suspect a rad fem because the hotel computer browser history indicated somebody read radfem hub that day. 

So why was TransGriot blocked?  According to Uniguest it was for the word 'hatemonger'.  Interesting coincidence that the most recent post with that word in it is talking about the radfems being called on their transphobic bigotry.

I was frustrated and angry that at one of the biggest progressive blogging conferences in the nation I was attending for the first time, my ability to blog about my experiences on TransGriot was thwarted by some BS. I was also pissed about the inability of the staff over the time I was a guest in that hotel from June 6 when I first brought it to their attention to June 9 to satisfactorily rectify the situation.

Really Uniguest?   The word hatemonger is enough to block a website?    Shut up fools!.

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