Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 26-Why Did You Even Bother Stepping To Me?

Been a while since I took the USS Monica out of port to sail the cyberseas for her last troll nuking mission.  

But now it time to do so since someone calling themselves Machteld van Eeden tried to post this comment on the Um I'm not Evangelist Denise K Matthews one.

I'm amazed that race and religion are still such issues in the US.
Why using statements as being a proud African American transwoman. What does that accomplish at all? Why can't you just be a woman I will respect you anyway as a another human being. It's the obligatory political correctness that's making me sick. How would you interpret if I introduced myself as a proud Caucasian old school female?
Grow up!


Another day, another conservafool wallowing in white privilege to troll nuke.    Let's get started shall we?

Race and religion are and have been intertwined issues in North America before the United States was founded as a nation.   The Transatlantic Slave Trade had a lot to do with that.  Remember when people who looked like you were kidnapping my ancestors and committing a monstrous human rights crime by forcibly importing them into the Western Hemisphere for unpaid labor to build European colonies and claiming you were doing 'the Lord's work' in the process?

And oh yeah, most of the haters and conservafools in this country hide behind selective interpretation of scriptures to perpetuate and try to camouflage their death grip on whiteness, white supremacy and their racism.

I AM a proud African-American transwoman and won't apologize for saying so. .Why does stating that fact bother you so much?  If you have a problem with that, too damned bad.   

And that's mighty white of you for respecting me as just another woman and a human being.   But other women who share your ethnicity and your vanillacentric privilege have disrespectfully made it clear that in their eyes I'm not and gleefully express themselves on their hate websites and their waste of trees books.

What does it accomplish?  Since you disrespectfully asked, plenty.   When I'm part of a community that battles shame, guilt and self-esteem issues because they are trans, and when non-white transpeople are seen as 'unwomen' and tragic transsexuals' vis a vis the ongoing vanillacentric trans narrative, it's a big fracking deal for me and the trans constituency I represent on the local, state, national and international trans human rights stage to say I'm proud to be an African-American transwoman 

And yeah, I'm sick of the conservaterm 'politically correct'. 

The last part of your comment I'm not going to even dignify with an answer, but the only person that needs to grow up is you.  

You need to wake up and smell the vanilla scented coffee that race matters in the US and has for over 400 years.  The election of our African American president and the uniquely racist and unprecedented levels of disrespect he has received since 2009 make that crystal clear that the United States ain't even close to being post-racial.

Duck and cover fool, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke explodes.

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