Thursday, June 21, 2012

Transfaith In Color 2012 Conference Coming Soon

Charlotte, NC in addition to hosting the 2012 Democratic National Convention this September will be hosting another edition of  another conference I would love to attend. 

It's the 2012 edition of the TransFairh In Color conference at the Hilton Hotel University Place in the Queen City and it's another event that has been gaining a dedicated following and attention within the POC trans community

It's presented by the Freedom Center For Social Justice in Charlotte, and one of the reasons that the event was founded was because of the disconnect they noticed in the community in the organizing around ENDA.

The initial 2010 TFIC conference was held in Los Angeles and I was bummed that a scheduling conflict kept me from speaking at it.  It was held in Charlotte last year and will be once again from August 17-19.

Here's hoping they not only get increasing attendace for this event, but the TransGriot can finally be in the house for it.

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