Saturday, June 09, 2012

Headed Back To H-Town

One of the things that happens when I travel to and from H-town for these speaking engagements or panel discussions is they are planned well in advance of the actual date of the event. 

I have several months to hash out the details, get excited about it while doing so and conduct my research to ensure what I confidently say while I'm on that stage during that event is on point. 

Then that moment arrives and is gone faster than the months it took for me to impatiently get to and prepare for this day.

Well, I'm about to leave Providence after a very interesting and educational multiple day stay here at my first Netroots Nation event and this historic panel discussion.   I enjoyed spending some quality time with my fellow panelists, the wonderful people at GLAD, the radio interviews on Blacking It Up and Michaelangelo Signorile's Sirius XM show  and everyone I met during Netroots Nation 2012.

But not it has come to an end and I have to pack my Houston Comets bag, check out of my room and head back to my Lone Star State life.

Will get to fly through Newark and see many of my former co workers on the journey back home, and it'll be the first time I've been through that airport since 2000 as well.

It'll also have time on the long flight home to ponder everything that took place during my time at Netroots Nation and plot a way forward with allies new and old as I contemplate what my shero Barbara Jordan once said.  

'It is a burden of Black people that we have to do more than talk

And that is also true of Black trans people as well.  

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