Thursday, June 07, 2012

2012 African-American Music Appreciation Month

The tradition continues starting on June 1 of loving and appreciating our music in all its various forms and the people who helped raise it to new heights

Thanks to music super producer Kenny Gamble convincing President Jimmy Carter to issue the first presidential proclamation declaring June as then Black Music Month, we have celebrated it every year since 1979.

We've already lost two musical icons this year in Don Cornelius and Donna Summer and it's not too far from my mind that many of our iconic music stars are in their 50's, 60's and 70's age wise.

But the one thing that stays the same regardless of the various forms of Black music is its power to motivate, inspire and entertain us. 

It was the beat that we marched to to gain our human rights coverage.  It soothed our sorrows and stirred our souls on Sunday mornings  .It is the soundtrack of our lives in which hearing a particular song can trigger a flood of positive memories. It inspires our athletes at all levers to achieve greatness

It is the heart and soul of a mighty people.

Whether it's gospel, hip hop, rap, neo-soul, R&B, opera, disco, Afro-punk, country, house, rock and roll or jazz, we've not only had a role in taking them to greater musical heights through our creativity and talent, some of those genres we created for the world to enjoy.   

So happy African-American Music Appreciation month.

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