Monday, June 04, 2012

CeCe Being Sentenced Today

The eyes of trans people around the world and our supporters will turn in the direction of the Hennepin County, MN Courthouse in a few hours as we find out how much jail time Cece McDonald will get.

As part of a plea deal, McDonald plead guilty May 2 to second degree manslaughter in the June 5, 2011 incident in which she and a group of TBLG friends were attacked by a group of white people outside a south Minneapolis bar and white supremacist Dean Schmitz died. 

Until May 11, she was the only person in the incident charged, but now Molly Shannon Flaherty has been arrested and is being charged by Washington County prosecutors with second degree assault with a deadly weapon and third degree assault causing substantial bodily harm for smashing a glass in McDonald’s face during the fight. 

Both charges are felonies that carry a maximum sentence of seven years and five years in prison.

Hennepin County Prosecutor Michael Freeman (D) is still trying to cover his behind, but nobody's buying it in light of the fact one of the people involved was a white supremacist and Cece and friends were the victims of a hate crime.

Speculation is that CeCe will be sentenced to time served plus good time already accumulated by the judge in this case and will only have to do 20 months.   There is lobbying occurring asking the judge to sentence her to home incarceration for that time instead of sending her to prison.

We'll see what happens at 1:30 PM CDT today.

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