Monday, June 11, 2012

Alberta Reinstates SRS Funds

Any time Alberta is mentioned in our conversations concerning Canadian politics, my Timmy's Ice Capp loving homegirl refers to Wild Rose Country as 'that wretched province' for its rampant Canadian style conservatism.  

I end up feeling obligated to defend Alberta and its dedicated activists who live there like Mercedes Allen.  I know all too well what it is like to have your nation's liberal progressive activists comfortably ensconced in liberal areas taking frequent potshots at your home turf due to the conservafool politicians in charge of it pimping jacked up social policies.

Never mind the fact you and others are busting your behinds to get progressive political momentum restarted in your conservative leaning home area.

Well, there was a big win for the Canadian trans community, and it happened in wait for it, Alberta.

On April 7, 2009 Alberta's conservative provincial government delisted SRS from its provincial health plan in order to save money, but discovered that the 700,000 CAD it costs for the 16 surgeries a year was just a tiny sliver of the 12.9 billion CAD provincial healthcare budget.  It not only didn't produce the savings they thought it would, all it did was piss trans Albertans off enough to cause a tipping point moment that got them to organize, fight and file lawsuits against the province over the issue.

Well, it was announced that Alberta would be reinstating SRS funding in its health care plan for SRS effective June 15.  

Of course our trans cousins in Alberta are ecstatic about the welcome news. 

We are pleased that the current administration sees value in caring for all Albertans needs, enabling them to live happy, fulfilled lives.  The return of this coverage, whose removal only saved Albertans $0.18 each annually, will give hope to those for whom GRS was previously out of reach.  While there are many other issues facing Trans-identified Albertans, this is a huge step in the direction of respect and dignity for the Trans Community by the Alberta Government. Thank you for taking this important first step.

Those Alberta lawsuits probably would have been successful because Ontario tried a similar delisting tactic in their OHIP provincial healthcare plan.  After a ten year battle, in March 2008 they had to restore SRS funding in OHIP after losing a human rights lawsuit similar to the ones being filed in Alberta.

Once again, another win for the Canadian trans community and in conservative dominated territory on top of that which makes it even sweeter.  Way to go, Alberta trans community!

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