Sunday, June 10, 2012

Netroots Nation Post Trans Panel Thoughts

Autumn, Jennifer, Jillian, Jos and I only had an hour and thirty minutes to discuss Blogging For Transgender Equality and the wide variety of issues, challenges and triumphs that have resulted in us engaging in this new media medium.

And yes, we started on time at 10:30 AM EDT in doing so and still the hour concluded with us not being able to talk about a long list of issues I would have liked to have addressed.

But in the wake of this historic panel and the discussions it generated at Netroots Nation and hopefully will continue across the liberal progressive political sphere, y'all know the TransGriot has some things to say that I didn't get to articulate during that panel and in the two radio interviews I was a part of during that event.

One of the things that was glaringly clear to me even before I arrived in Providence was that we needed a Latin@ trans blogger on that panel and a trans man.   GLAD did a wonderful job in putting it together and even they recognize that point.

We also need at future Netroots Nation events (and any other liberal progressive conferences) several trans panels dealing with a wide range of subjects.   I would also submit a trans POC panel is desperately needed to highlight and give exposure to our emerging and long time trans leaders of color, touch on and explore those issues that deleteriously affect us and highlight the intersectional overlaps with the other communities we are part of.

I was honored to be part of that historic Friday discussion, the LGBT pre-conference event on Wednesday and the Netroots Nation Black Caucus on Thursday.  Only thing that prevented my participation in the LGBT caucus was me flying back to Houston. 

Netroots Nation 2012 helped me make some contacts, meet some people and drive home the point that yes, trans African-Americans exist and yes we are capable of speaking on behalf of this community and many others.   The question remains that will the people I made contact with follow up and how serious are they about their commitments?  

I certainly plan on doing so and letting you know how successful those efforts are as I attempt to honor the commitments I made on behalf of myself and the African-American trans community.   I want to do my part to ensure that the conversation, policies and political strategies that result from these conversation include input from us and benefit our community as well.   

NBJC ED Sharon-Lettman Hicks' 'Own Our Power' words were ringing in my ears when I stepped off the plane at TG Green Airport Tuesday night along with a conversation I recently had with Leslye Huff when we were talking about out Out On The Hill and ALC 2011 experiences.  I decided I wasn't just going to hang out in my LGBT comfort zone, but also make my voice heard in African-American spaces as well.  

When I walked into that Black caucus meeting Wednesday afternoon and made my statement that the Black community needs to stop treating the Black TBLG one as a separate entity, pointed out politically astute down with the Black community's uplift and progress trans people exist, and Black BTLG people were part of the kente cloth fabric of the community little did I realize that two hours later that would get me on Elon James White and L. Joy Williams 'Blacking It Up radio podcast.

They  moderated that Black Caucus event, and my interview with Elon and Joy also got the attention of Michaelangelo Signorile's producers because he was hearing and watching it as well.

Note to my haters (and you know who you are), and still I rise despite your best efforts.

It also for the remainder of the event got me much love from African American LGBT peeps of all ages and our allies who were thinking the same thing but Moni was bold enough to state the obvious.

The point is that trans human rights coverage not only benefits me personally, it expands your human rights and is good for you and all the communities trans people intersect and interact with. 

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