Monday, June 11, 2012

Whyte Radfem Womyn Gone Wild

What's up with the RadiKKKal 'feminists' and their off the charts hatemongering lately? 

Are they mad because they no longer have a free ride in terms of saying whatever they want about us and thanks to the Net and the blogosphere, we trans people can push back just as fiercely against their loud and wrong bull feces? 

Maybe they're upset because reputable venues like Conway Hall won't host their London convention hatefest and the only places they can discriminate against us are places they own like 'The Land' in Hart, MI

Or maybe what is chapping their white sheet wearing behinds is that everywhere they turn, there is a story about transwomen winning all over the world despite their over thirty year failed efforts to pimp their disco era lies about us and prevent trans human rights from happening.

Sucks to be y'all doesn't it?  Well, can't help it that y'all are drunk on the overwhelming scent of whyte womyn cisprivilege, are increasingly aware you're on the wrong side of the moral arc of the universe and even your fellow feminists are disgusted by how you are corrupting their movement label with your off the charts transphobia and nekulturny behavior 

The RadiKKKal 'Feminists' love to claim they're under attack but are the ones who consistently instigate these confrontations.  Once they do they run and hide behind their whyte womyn cisprivilege and cry white women's tears all day long when I or any other trans woman calls them on their racist kyriarchal behavior. 

They are so full of foaming at the mouth vitriol for trans women they are not only emulating masculine bullying right wing conservafool distort and denigrate tactics, they have resorted to the unhinged behavior of outing a 17 year old high school transteen.

And Sheila Jeffreys wants to know why we call them hatemongers? 

Because the Birkenstocks fit and they are more than willing to wear them to gleefully kick and oppress  transwomen of all ages, and we're tired of it.

Especially when you are stooping to the level of attacking our transkids exercising their free speech rights.

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