Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Texans Watch-What A Time For The Texans Offense To Suck

If I sound irritated about the Texans blowing a game they dominated yet still lost 25-20 to an emotional Oakland Raiders team, I am. 

I was even more pissed after I saw this photo of the final play in which the now 3-2 Texans had an opportunity to still pull the game out despite their sorry play on offense and Lawrence Vickers dropping a sure touchdown pass with no Raider near him that would have tied the score.

Count the number of Raider defenders in the photo at the top of this post. 

Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  The Raiders had 10 men on the field and still intercepted Matt Schaub.

Granted the Texans are missing Andre Johnson and are banged up right now, but still Jacoby Jones getting one catch for 9 yards ain't gonna cut it.  The offensive line allowing the type of penetration the Raiders got so that seven passes were blocked or tipped at the line isn't going to cut it either especially after the way the offensive line manhandled the Steelers the week before.

And wasting a defensive performance like the one the Texans D executed on Sunday in holding the NFL's  top rushing team, the league's leading rusher and their offense to 278 total yards ain't gonna cut it either if they want to win the AFC South and make the playoffs.

And they're going to Baltimore Sunday.

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