Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Groundbreaking Win For Australian Trans People

The trans folks Down Under have been giving us a lot of good news on the international trans human rights front lately. 

First it was the Australian Defence Forces lifting their ban on trans soldiers last year.   Then came last month's ruling that stated trans Aussies can get passports issued in their new gender without surgical intervention.

Now the Australian High Court, the equivalent of the SCOTUS issued an October 6 ruling in the recent case of two transmen who had chest surgeries done, were on testosterone but when they attempted to get identity documents changed to reflect male status they were rebuffed.

The High Court ruled in their favor, stating that a person is identified as male or female by their external characteristics, not their sexual organs  
The decision has been welcomed by Australian transgender support groups, and also brings Australia into line with South Africa, Great Britain and some other European countries.

Congrats to my Australian brothers and sisters, it was long overdue and I'm exceedingly happy, proud and pleased for you.  

I also have to remind everyone that the Australian success in advancing trans rights law is something we can build on since our trans human rights struggle is an international one.   

But the Australian success prompts me to ask as an American when are we, the 'so called leading democracy in the world, going to lead on trans human rights issues instead of lag behind?

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