Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Million Hits!

The milestones just keep on coming here at TransGriot.   As of 6:12 PM today the 3 millionth person surfed by to check out my cyberhome.

I thank you and the other 3 million plus people for doing so.along with all the new, old and longtime readers around the world who take time out of your busy lives to check out my humble award winning blog and what I have to say on its electronic pages.  I deeply appreciate it.   

If you like what I do here, like a post or just feel moved to do so, I have the TransGriot Tip Jar on the upper left hand margin of the blog.  I thank you in advance for doing so and it'll help with the upkeep of this place. 

If you're wondering if the TransGriot will speak to your college class, event, trainings on trans issues or in front of your organizations, I certainly will if the date is available and will look divalicious while doing so.  Just send me an e-mail at to get the discussion started.

But without you folks who come to read my writing, TransGriot wouldn't be as big and influential as it is.  You readers are the most important piece of this blog's success and I never forget that.

I also thank you for all the love and appreciation you show me when I'm out and about in the Houston area, in the state and nationally when I'm blessed to get the opportunity to interact with you.

Thank you TransGriot readers, and now on to the next milestone.

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