Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Texans Watch-Why Am I Even Getting Upset About This 29-14 Loss?

Because I like the Texans, I care about them, I want my hometown NFL team to do well, and this is their best shot to win the AFC South since the team started play in 2002.

And the Texans piss me off when they grossly underachieve like they did in this game against the Baltimore Ravens.

But after watching them cough up the Oakland game last week, I was mentally ready for them to walk into M&T Bank Stadium and get run over, but surprise, surprise the defense kept them in the game and once again kept hope alive with a 13-7 halftime deficit..

But here comes the start of the second half.  After the Texans took a 14-13 lead with 8:30 left in the quarter Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco started looking like the second coming of Joe Montana and the Texans started executing their cha-cha-cha offense (1-2-3 kick) for the remainder of the game.

Toss in a few jacked up calls that went against them, the Texans not making enough plays on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball and exit Baltimore with a loss and a 3-3 record after starting the season 3-1..

The Texans head to Nashville to play the Tennessee Traitors with first place in the AFC South on the line.   And whatever y'all need to do to remind yourselves that NFL football is a 60 minute game, not a 30 or 45 minute one and y'all need to finish with the same killer attitude you start games with, get to steppin' on that will y'all?

Time for y'all to wake up and play some NFL caliber football now if you want to be playing NFL playoff football in January..

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