Saturday, May 31, 2008

Clinton Supporter's Bigotry Comes Out Of The Closet

If you want to know why I've lost respect for Bill and his wife after South Carolina, this following clip is why. Your campaign injected race into this campaign when Barack started whipping Hillary's behind, and here is an example of the ugly aftermath of it blowing up at today's DNC Rules Committee hearing in DC.

Superdelgates, time to end this crap now.

And to Ms. Harriet Christian of Manhattan and all the White Democrats who are spouting the same bullshit, here's something for y'all to chew on.

African-Americans for decades have been the most loyal constituency to this party. We have voted for White, Black amd Latino Democratic candidates at 60-90% clips at all levels of government. But when it comes to an African-American candidate, we don't get the same respect and love as Democrats that we show you.

Meanwhile Ms. Christian, 'good Americans' who share your ethnicity have ignorantly voted against your political and economic interests for Republican candidates who don't give a rats anus about you for a variety of logic-defying reasons, up to and including your own racism.

Not this time. When it comes to this 2008 election, it''s put up or shut up time. Barack Obama is going to win this nomination. Deal with it. We African-American Democrats expect nothing less than for all true Democrats to do the same for us that we African-Americans have done for candidates of your ethnicity for the last 40 years. Vote for the Dem and keep the lips zipped about any negativity you have for that candidate in the interest of party unity until after Election Day.

Remember it's attitudes like this that got us George W. Bush in the first place, and this country cannot afford another four years of GOP rule.

When this campaign is mercifully over, it's time for the United States to take a long, hard no-holds barred look at the damage that slavery has caused and how it still impacts us only 150 years removed from its end.

W.E.B. DuBois said it over a century ago, and I fear this quote is coming true in my lifetime.

'Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States'

I think the phrasing of this quote more apropos to this post is, either the United States will destroy racism or racism will destroy the United States.


Queers United said...

what a lunatique

Monica Roberts said...

Yeah, but unfortunately there's about 30-40% of the country that harbor the exact same attitudes, but ain't ralking about it in front of a camera.

Cass said...

(I deleted this before because it had some harsh language and while I'm fine with it on my page, I didn't know how you'd feel about it on yours, Monica)

I wrote a long long thing on my facebook commenting on this bullcrap, here are the highlights:

"Okay, everyone else in the blogging world is posting this video... at least the ones who aren't worshipping at the altar of Hillary Clinton. When people ask me about some of the reasons I regret my vote (the only vote I've ever cast that I've regretted), this kind of thing ranks number one: The vitriolic hate that comes from the supporters of Clinton.

Now, I'm sure that people can cite some similar incidents from supporters of Obama, but I can find you at least 5 other videos of similar scenes from yesterday's Rules Committee meeting alone, not to mention the widely broadcast disgraceful behavior in the meeting proper.

But the reality is that Harriet Christian is a portrait of Hillary's base; she is displaying exactly everything that disgusts me about the legacy of Second-Wave feminism. These are the women who bring us the legacy of Radical Feminism that rejects the intersectionality of privilege and spews hate at those who are not white middle/upper-class women.

And let me say this: The Oppression Olympics stuff is played out.

If a Hillary Clinton supporter wants to get my ear, the surest way for me to stop listening is to say "Oh, but Hillary's gotten sexism much more than Obama" and the like. It's not a matter of who has gotten oppressed more, and the pity party crap is neither interesting nor swaying me to vote for Hillary.

Women have had and continue to have a really idiotically crappy time in America. We get it. Do you get that people of color have a really idiotically crappy time in America? Okay, cool. Stop comparing scars and get to fixing both problems..."

(There was a character limit where I was posting; the original post had to be spread out over several 'follow-up comments', on which I expounded how it's funny that this brand of 'feminist' completely ignores the existence of women of color)

The reality is that there are a ton of white liberals who are so insecure that when you point out some of the racist actions they take, they lose their minds. I'm white, I admit I do and say stupid crap on a day-to-day basis courtesy of how society racializes upbringing. I don't let it devalue me as an individual, though, because I try my best to identify and eliminate it whenever I can.

Some folks, though, don't value their own inherent humanity, that when you challenge them on the supremacy of their whiteness, they lose their minds and say stupid crap like Harriet Christian did.

Polar said...

As of Tuesday night, the primaries will finally be over. It will truly be time for Bill and Hillary to park the bus, get off, and close the campaign. Ya fought the good fight.

Now, Hillary, you and Bill have a job to do.......wholeheartedly endorse Obama, then go out and convince your base that Barack Obama is the right man to be President. It ain't going to be easy. But you're the ones who had to appeal to the racist instincts in blue-collar Democrats in the rust belt. Obama was talking about change and how to execute it, while you were dividing the party. It's your job to reassemble it.

You know, I can remember when Bill Clinton was considered the "first African-American President." It's a shame that's a past memory, now.

PurpleZoe said...

A shame, but definitely necessary for us to witness. Amazing that she isn't aware of her racism, though it is blaring to any who witnessed her rant.

Great post.

Indeed, the US will either overcome ignorance/racism, or it will overcome the US.

Shine on

danadocus said...

Great post Monica. The DuBois quote really kills things.

But when it comes to an African-American candidate, we don't get the same respect and love as Democrats that we show you.

I think that's really the heart of it all, respect/love.

White people are having to kinda start seeing ourselves as racialized, but it's bringing all the crazy out.