Thursday, October 20, 2011

Break Out The Purple-It's Spirit Day!

As Morgan's video that I posted yesterday explained, today is Spirit Day.    

It's the newly minted day created by teen Brittany McMillan in which we break out the purple clothing in order to display our solidarity with TBLG youth as we combat a bullying epidemic that is driving our younglings to take their lives in many cases.

On the rainbow community flag, the purple stripe on it represent spirit, hence the name of the day.

This October 20 day is one in which we not only wear purple to support our youth, but as we show solidarity with our younglings by breaking out everything in our closets in that color, we are also working tirelessly toward creating a world in which BTLG youth are respected, protected and valued.

By working toward that world and confronting bullying head on, we hope that once we create that world in which bullying is not seen as a rite of passage but unacceptable behavior, we will never again see situations develop in which a child feels that their only response to ending the bullying being aimed at them is to take their own life. 

That's unacceptable to me, unacceptable to the rainbow community and should be unacceptable to society as well.  

So yeah, time to break out my purple blouse and the purple pumps to go with it. 

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