Friday, September 16, 2011

Rush Attacks FLOTUS Again, Cue Cricket Chirping Slience From Feminist Blogosphere

Despite claiming that fighting sexism is a concern of feminists, attacks against Michelle Obama continually get ignored. It is left to women of colour to point out the link between sexism and racism that combine to oppress her.   Womanist Musings, May 9, 2011

One of the things I'm not surprised about but it really irritates the hell out of me is the way the vanillacentric feminist blogosphere can rush to the defense of any white female attacked in any way by the 'menz'.

But let those attacks be aimed at a woman of color or First Lady Michelle Obama, and this is their reaction:

Once again Oxycontin Man went on the attack against the First Lady making cracks about her weight.  Two Tons Of Not So Much Fun made the crack that 'President Obama’s limousine “weighs 8 tons without Michelle Obama in it.”

First of all, you drug addled bigoted dufus, you are the last person to be mocking people about their weight. 

Besides that, the FLOTUS isn't F-A-T, she's P-H-A-T, fine, beautiful, intelligent and got it going on.   You're just jealous because you're bitter, lonely and have had four women dump your azz while the POTUS has been happily married to the same fine brown framed sistah since 1993.

Now that I'm done verbally slapping around Cetaceas Oxycontinus, back to you feminist blogosphere.
I find it interesting that this is the same blogosphere that rose up en masse to defend Kirstie Alley, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and a host of white females on both sides of the political spectrum but can't be bothered to type one sentence when it comes to the FLOTUS or any non-white woman under attack.

What, some of y'all still hatin' and fuming because Michelle's hubby beat Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination back in 2008?     

And don't think it's just Moni that has noticed your glacial pace and benign neglect when it comes to defending the FLOTUS, much less any Black woman.   It's kinda sad when even white men are quicker to defend the First Lady than y'all are 

Well, won't be the first or last time that's happened (Satoshi Kanazama controvery ring a bell?) or the first or last time that Black women have had to be the ones to have our own or Michelle Obama's back.

And you wonder why Black women left feminism back in the late 80's early 90's.

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