Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yeah Herman, It's My Fault

The more I see of this conservanegro cooning it up for the GOP 2012 presidential nomination, the more I dislike his Oreo cookie chomping behind.   He's also doing his utmost to secure his lead as a front runner for a 2011 Shut Up Fool of the Year award winner.

Hard on the heels of his jacked up comments dissing Black voters, now this knee-grow goes after the Occupy Wall Street peeps by saying it's your fault if you don't have a job and you're not rich.

Nope, didn't make that one up, peeps.   But you know, like every broken conservafool clock, it's right twice a day and here's one of those moments.   

Yeah Herman, you're absolutely right.  It is my fault.   It's my fault I didn't spend more time in Democratic Party politics at the precinct level after going to the state district convention in 1984 as a 22 year old alternate delegate

It's my fault I didn't spend more time warning white voters hellbent on rolling back African-American and Latino progress out of jealousy and fear that they were getting bamboozled and screwed by the same GOP politicians that they elected in droves.

It's my fault one of those white GOP voters allegedly from Alabama called in to a September 1995 CNN Larry King Show and told the world and Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) he deserved a Nobel Prize for everything he'd done to 'keep down the n-----s.'

It's my fault I busted my azz in school to get good grades, played by the rules, and like many of my peers couldn't find a job for a few years commensurate with the level of education I'd attained  because we had the misfortune of doing our searches in the Reagan 'Greed Is Good' merger mania years, and the situation is worse for the kids who followed me.

It's my fault you conservafools told POC kids to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you too can achieve 'the American Dream'.   Then you kept shifting the goalposts, changing the rules, cutting the straps on our boots and calling us 'shiftless, lazy, and un-American' while doing so.

It's my fault you conservafools kept enacting policies that made it harder for mine and future generations to even have a better living standard than our parents and grandparents while you and your kids got fat and wealthier.

It's my fault you conservafools continued to follow a failed political philosophy that squandered a budget surplus, nearly bankrupted this country, poisoned race relations and got us bogged down in an unnecessary war all to enrich your bank accounts.

It's my fault I didn't fight you bastards in the GOP harder in the 1980s to defeat you at the ballot box and make your brand of conservafool BS as laughable and politically radioactive as being a card carrying KKK member is today.  

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Alex said...

Dear Ms. Roberts, I read Transgriot daily and always love your posts. I have been using the term Tea Klux Kan constantly since I read this piece, yesterday. At work, at the natural foods store, at home . . . Everyone gets it, everyone loves it. It's brillant.