Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tough Night....

I spent most of the night hanging out with my homegirl Ursula Hall, who was running for a state judicial bench in a tough environment for Democrats, especially here in the Lone Star State.

Tough night describes it,   They lost the US House,  although my congressmember Sheila Jackson Lee will be returning to the disgust of the conservafools here locally.   The Dems will thankfully hold on to the Senate with three races outstanding as I type this at 2:45 AM CDT. 

Back in Da Ville Democrat Greg Fischer held off Fairness Ordinance foe Hal Heiner to take the mayor's chair and Rep. John Yarmuth is going back for his third term.

So gloat while you can, conservafools.   Now you'll have to do something besides hate on President Obama. and something you've proven you can't do:   govern the country.

As for our trans candidates in this 2010 cycle, Brittany Novotny lost her race against Republican homobigot Sally Kern for the Oklahoma legislature, Theresa Sparks finished third in her bid to join the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in a crowded field,. and I'm still trying to find out if Kim Coco Iwamoto was reelected to the Hawaii State board of Education.

However, in some potential good news for trans political kind,  Vicky Kolakowski with 75% of the vote counted was leading in her race for Alameda County Superior Court judge.   If it holds up, she becomes the first elected trans judge in US history. 

So there were a few silver linings in tonight's election results and after I've had a few hours of sleep, I'll  ponder them on the blog.

Let's just set our sights on taking our country back from the Tea Klux Klan in 2012

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