Monday, November 15, 2010

Gay And Trans White Males, Stop Trying To Justify The T- Word

When a marginalized community tells you repeatedly that a word is offensively hurtful to it, it is the height of willful disrespect for you as alleged allies to continue to try to justify using the term that pisses them off and shows that you didn't respect them in the first place.

But y'all don't seem to want to get that message.   You are arrogantly wallowing in WMP and misogyny determined to continue doing so and furiously spinning your position in the media.

Okay, if you keep insisting on disrespecting transwomen after we've told you that the t-word is offensive to us, maybe we transwomen should start using the f-word and others you gay white males object to in retaliation until you stop.  

Hey, we're only being hip and cool  when we call you 'fa***ts', and you use it among yourselves.


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