Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1000 Posts This Year!

I know I have a lot to say at times, the news comes fast and furiously and I can be rather prolific in terms of the number of posts I crank out, but even I'm astounded by hitting this milestone.

I fell just short of writing 1000 posts for the year in 2009 and didn't think I'd ever get that close to hitting that milestone again.

But thanks to the fact this was a midterm election year, we have a lot of trans news to talk about, and I have opinions about a lot of subjects, I've easily achieved this goal with more than a month remaining in 2010. 

But then again, when you've had five straight months of 100 or more posts, it can add up fairly quickly. 

Thanks TransGriot readers for letting me know how much you appreciate my work and writing so that I'm motivated to keep cranking out quality posts for your enjoyment.

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