Friday, November 19, 2010

You Better Work On Those Misogyny Issues

Wednesday was RuPaul Andre Charles' 50th birthday.  Who cares about that sellout except his running buddy Chuck Knipp?

One of the things he'd better work on is his misogyny issues and get it out of his head that 'tranny' and 'shemale' are offensive terms to the trans community that people erroneously think he's a part of.

News flash, he's not.

He declared a long time ago he does not want to be a woman, has no desire to transition and that he was a gay man.  So people, stop holding up RuPaul as an example of a Black transperson because HE isn't.

He's about as trans as Tyler Perry is when he puts on his makeup to play Madea.

And one other thing you need to stop doing is referring to RuPaul as your 'expert' on trans issues.   He is a GAY man, not a transwoman.   He has no clue what we deal with on a regular basis, and especially what a transwoman of African descent does.

One thing that really pisses African American transpeople off besides enabling that cluelessly racist drag minstrel show performer is that you can't name five 5 transpeople of African descent, but sure want to consider RuPaul (or whatever New York city based drag artist) a trans person when you're putting lists together of famous African descended GLBT people.

So RuPaul, you better work on those misogyny issues, and while your at it, take some of that money LOGO's paying you and buy some Black history books as well.     

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