Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Got To Be Kidding Me-Brandy Eliminated From DWTS

Every now and then I watch ABC's show Dancing With The Stars, and I've been keeping up with this season since I like Brandy and wanted to see how Jennifer Grey of 'Dirty Dancing' fame would do.

I was shocked to discover that Brandy and her partner Maksim got eliminated DESPITE having two perfect scores from the judges, which means that the no-dancing spawn of Caribou Barbie is still on this show.

Then again, no it shouldn't shock me.   Bristol Palin and this run on DWTS is a metaphor for what's wrong with this country and why POC Americans get so pissed off with it.

For years we're always told the if you work hard and pull yourself up by your bootstraps....blah blah blah  you'll be rewarded for it.

We do that, bust our asses, and then see some white kid with not even one half of our abilities come along who by dint of birth into money, having connected parents, or their white skin get what we bust our asses for.

And you wonder why we go off when you bitch about us calling ourselves African-Americans or when we call y'all out on your vanilla flavored privilege laden bullshyt.

By any fair and objective measure, Bristol Palin should have been gone weeks ago.   But because she's the chillbilly's kid, the Tea Klux Klan is voting for her.

Now I'm only watching DWTS to see her lose, and then I'm done with the show.

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