Friday, November 12, 2010

Live From College Station

Am sitting in the hotel  right  now after a wonderful afternoon and evening with Lowell Kane and the students of Texas A&M's GLBT Center.

I had an interesting on the ride to College Station chat with Rachel on the way up about a wide variety of subjects and on campus a little after 5 PM CST.

I was in plenty of time for the meeting due to start at 6:45 PM and my presentation.   The Center is on the side of the A&M campus in the shadows of Kyle Field and when I arrived several students were busy making Christmas ornaments.

Rachel departed to finish a paper she was working on and after keeping myself busy discussing the jacked up state of the Texas Legislature with two other students Lowell arrived a few moments later from a panel discussion he and two of the Center's students were taking part in. 

Time passed quickly after a tour of the Center and Lowell telling me about some the interesting things that were transpiring on the Texas A&M campus.

Then it was time for Moni to do her Trans 101 from an African-American cultural perspective.   There were some interesting questions asked by the 60 people in the room and when it was over in addition to being thanked by the students for coming, got a chance to discuss the presentation and other subjects over dinner in nearby Bryan.

Once again, thanks to Lowell and the gang at GLBTA for a wonderful afternoon and evening, and looking forward to the next time I have a chance to come up here for the 2011 TTNS.

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