Sunday, November 21, 2010

Houston 2010 TDOR Wrap Up

Bounced back onto the UH campus and the AD Bruce Religion Center for the TDOR ceremony Houston style.

Wine and cheese reception at the 7 PM start of the evening along with some of the artifacts in the TG Center's history collection.    Ran into many of the people I met at the TTNS and other community events I've been able to attend and had long chats with them.    

One person I was surprised to run into was my old roommate Rochelle.

The well attended ceremony  (130 people) in the AD Bruce chapel started at 8 PM and one of the speakers besides Judge Phyllis Frye was Houston city councilmember and fellow Cougar alum Jolanda Jones..

Did end up after the event talking to some of the member of a GLBT sorority on campus before heading over to the TG center in Montrose for a few hours. 

The TDOR's may be coming to a close around the world, but never forgetting or trans angels is a 365 day a year job for all of us, not just Ethan St. Pierre's who does the tough job of keeping track of all the stats.

If your locale or college campus didn't have a TDOR this year, consider starting one.    It's one surefire way that you can do something that shows the trans community you support it and care about it.

And unfortunately, we'll probably be doing this again on November 20, 2011

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