Tuesday, November 23, 2010

H-town, Let My People Pee!

Once again I have to write another one of these stories in which some cisgender person starts tripping because a transperson has to use the bathroom and they have a problem with it..

26 year old Tyjanae Moore was at the downtown Houston Public Library location November 17 when she had to use the restroom.   After handling her business she emerged and was confronted by a female security officer backed up by an HPD officer she gotten involved in the situation by telling him there was a 'man' in the women's restroom.  .

Moore was subsequently arrested by the po-po for using the fracking bathroom appropriate to her gender presentation. 

It seems that since I've left the home state, the GOP controlled Lege had nothing better to do and passed a law that states it's against the law to 'enter the bathroom of the opposite gender without permission of the owner of the building'.

Well, the owner of this building is the City of Houston.

Mayor Parker earlier this year issued Executive Orders 1-8 and 1-20 which expanded Houston's anti-discrimination ordinances and give trans city employees and citizens permission to use the bathroom of their choice appropriate to their gender presentation.

Of course the local Fox Noise affiliate had to come up with another of their ridiculous poll questions that I need y'all to vote on .   Our right wing haters are in full throat about it wanting Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to rule on the legality of Mayor Parker's executive orders.

In the meantime, local homohater Dave Welch is 'scurred' to debate Cristan Williams one on one on this issue, probably because she pwned his behind the last time they tangled over the Araguz case..   


The sad part is that Moore moved here a year ago from Minnesota to be close to relatives, but as a result of this incident is considering moving back there.  

The fun is just getting started around this one, so stay tuned.

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