Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sorry, Kortney

The TransGriot does spend time engaging folks on Twitter and FB when she's not writing.

But this one is to apologize for a Twitter exchange that added gasoline to a  negative experience.that someone was going through.  

Kortney in in this state to do a presentation, and whatever good feeling he had going into that event were spoiled by a drawn gun confrontation with the po-po's in which all they saw was a Black suspect.

He stated on his Twitter feed he was roughed up and had a gun placed four inches from his face in addition to having the po-po's make derogatory comments. .  

So of course, what do you do when you gone through some crap like that?  You rant about it..     

You can guess wher this is headed can't you?  

I innocently sign onto Twitter immediately after seeing this tweet from him.  

F**k Texas. After my presentation I'm flying the f***k outta here.

I've been more than a little critical lately about the anti-Texas sentiment in the liberal-progressive side of the web, and saw this tweet as just another example of it.  

Well, instead of me asking the question what the hell happened to provoke that reaction, I post two tweets in rapid succession in reaction to that tweet.

there are a lot of activists from the Lone Star State who get tired of you GLBT coastal residents trashing our home state

We're busting our asses trying to roll back the red tide of ignorance that has enveloped our state

Okay...he's already royally pissed, and as I find out a few tweets later why he's mad,  I feel like crap.

It is no fun being in a Black suspect situation, especially when guns were drawn, and he's coming from an area of the country where an innocent brother is dead because of an overzealous BART cop

So yeah, he had every right to his feelings at the time, and had I known what was up, damned sure wouldn't have posted that moment.  

Kortney,  I'm taking the time to say on these electronic pages I'm sorry if I added any pain to what you were experiencing at that moment.   It made me seem insensitive at that time and I should have asked why you were upset and gone from there.

Hope you'll forgive me for it. 

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