Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nikki Araguz Update 17 - Emergency Hearing

Cristan just dropped the news on her FB page moments ago that an emergency hearing in the Delgado v. Araguz case happened in Wharton this morning.

One of the reasons it happened was Cristan notified Phyllis Frye that Frank Mann, the opposing attorney in the case, had released Nikki's social security number on numerous occasions and it got picked up by the press and broadcast on TV.

The other reason was to compel Heather Delgado to do a deposition like 'errbody' else, including Cristan had to do.   Delgado filed the suit, but is refusing to sit for a deposition.

So what were the results of the hearing?

According to Cristan and Darrell Steidley, Niki's attorney:

*They will stop making Nikki's SSN available to the press.
 *The judge ordered Heather Delgado to sit for a deposition
 *The December 8 summary judgment  hearing is canceled

The case is still in the discovery phase and as always, if I find out any info about the Delgado v. Araguz case or when the summary judgment hearing is supposed to happen, I'll let y'all know. 

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