Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Houston Christohaters Already Tripping About Judge Frye

Well, was wondering how long it would take our local right wing conservafools to react to Judge Phyllis Frye's historic appointment to a Houston municipal judgeship.

About 24 hours for the haters in the Houston Area Pastors Council, our local Forces of Intolerance auxiliary with 300 hate churches in its membership run by Dave Welch.. 

“This is not just a benign act. This is someone (Frye) who is very well known as an aggressive activist on sexual diversity issues and very much against the mainstream of most of the people….As we all know municipal court judges are the first step in the elevation of different judgeships. They typically go on to civil district court judges or family court judges and beyond, so this is not a benign appointment. It’s a statement. It really is. We’ll be calling on the churches to stand up and be involved,” said Dave Welch.

Dave, didn't you learn from the on-air pwning you took from Cristan not to mess with us?   

And you're right, it IS a statement.   It's a statement that we trans Houstonians are talented, intelligent tax paying citizens of the city who love Houston just as much as y'all profess you do and have much to offer our community and society.

It's past time for y'all to back up off us and let us trans Houstonians live our lives without your conservafool political agenda driven interference in it.


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