Sunday, November 07, 2010

Monica Carss-Frisk, This Is An Example Of The Discrimination You Enabled In Hong Kong

British attorney Monica Carss-Frisk was hired by the Hong Kong government to successfully litigate on its behalf in the recent Ms W marriage case.

Hope you're enjoying the money you made on the case and can sleep well at night knowing that you contributed to the continued oppression of transpeople in Hong Kong.

As we marginalized peeps know all too well, court cases we lose have negative consequences and ripple effects that not only affect things locally, but sometimes travel beyond the jurisdiction in which they were litigated. 

STRAP chair Naomi Fontanos recounts on her PinayTG blog a recent trip with Santy Layno to lecture on trans discrimination issues at Hong Kong University at the invitation of Dr. Sam Winter.

After a successful lecture they went out for a drink with Dr. Winter only to be whacked with the same discrimination that they had just lectured about.

Okay Hong Kong, when are you going to stop discriminating against my trans family living there? 

It's ironic they have more rights in mainland China than the so-called freedom loving former British colony and world class city that is now a Chinese Special Administrative Region.. 
And thank you, Monica Carss-Frisk, for doing your part to ensure that the discrimination against transpeople in Hong Kong continues.

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