Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lea T's Lurve Magazine Cover Shoot

Brazilian trans model and Givenchy muse Lea T has landed her first magazine cover!

She's clad in what else, Givenchy couture clothing for this Lurve cover shoot by photographer Carlotta Mangiao.

I'm curious to see how far the fashion world will take having a trans model.    Cisgender models of color can't even make a dent in the long lines of blonde eastern European glamazons that disproportionately overpopulate these fall and spring fashion shows. 

And if that African descended model is not a light skinned African-American or built like  'a white girl dipped in chocolate', she need not apply in some model agencies eyes. 

Will Lea get the opportunity to walk the runways of upcoming spring shows, be involved in ad campaigns or even get to supermodel status?  

That's a question the TransGriot and a lot of inquiring minds would love to have answered. 

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