Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Heh Heh Heh...'Queers' Beat 'Steers' To Take World Series

The right wing bigots in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have been billing this 2010 World Series as a battle between the 'Steers' vs 'Queers' and in the process making derogatory homophobic slams at the San Francisco Bay Area, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California, and everything rainbow flavored.

Karma is a rhymes with witch isn't it?  

Besides, that's what y'all get for having George W. Bush throw out the first pitch in Game 4.   

The San Francisco Giants closed out the World Series with a 3-1 win in Arlington over the Texas Rangers to win it four games to one and claim their first major league baseball title since moving there from New York.

Congrats Giants!   They're probably still partying in the Castro.    

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